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embodied connection

Women´s Health & Mother Care

Each woman has her own true soul path and wisdom.

Embodied Connection crafts together emotional support,

bodywork and sacred rituals

to heal your Body Mind and Soul

and serve the transformation your heart desires.

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mother-centred care

about catarina

I am an integrative bodyworker, INNATE postpartum Care provider, and an eternal learner.


I'm a practitioner of various healing modalities, an Empath, and an Intuitive, with over a decade of experience.


I support women of all ages, particularly mothers in the initial postpartum period and beyond, dealing with all sorts of pains and dysfunctions from childbirth.


Additionally, I offer support to women who have experienced pregnancy loss, including miscarriage, abortion, and stillbirth.

I came to work with mothers because I understand, I know how painful, lonely and confusing the lack of support is, and my work is informed by my own life experiences.


I believe each one of us has a natural impulse to heal, always striving to bring us back to a state of optimal health and homeostasis. Unfortunately, life's challenges - such as stress, illness, trauma, toxins, and other influences - deeply impact our system's natural healing mechanisms.


My practice is rooted in traditional wisdom and modern science, combining a holistic approach to well-being with evidence-based techniques. This allows me to provide unique and personalized care tailored to the needs of each woman.


Interested in working together?

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chrisa mamouzellou

I couldn't recommend Her enough..
Catarina is a warm, patient and full of knowledge person. She guided me through a meditation to get rid of a huge weight I was caring for long after a very unpleasant journey of breastfeeding and traumatic birth..
She made me understand that is ok to feel angry , that my body knew better..
Thank you Catarina

andreia alves

I took a postpartum preparation course with Catarina and I highly recommend it! Some family members were able to come together so that the information could reach those who would be present at that stage, which I considered really important and brought us even closer together.

I felt well supported by Catarina, who was always attentive to our needs and available to listen and clarify.
She has a very sensitive and caring way of conveying important content, in addition to being very competent and professional. I am very grateful and happy to have had this experience!

faye althu

 Transformative experience with Catarina always, a safe place where you can reconnect with your body and soul! Always a pleasure to return here.

Thank you for putting my body in a state of extreme rest. I rarely fall asleep and it was in your trusted hands that i literally fell asleep. 

The whole day i was in rest and mode what you did was healing to my nervous system.

I hope you know how powerful that is.

Thank you!

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